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battery system

Choosing a battery system

What makes battery storage attractive?

If the sun is shining our solar power systems are generating lots of electricity. Through the day we can use this electricity to run items such as dishwashers, swimming pools, hot water systems and washing machines. What we need is a way to use the suns energy to power our homes at night. With a battery storage system, the excess electricity can be used to charge batteries. This means when you come home from work you can use the electricity from the batteries instead of paying for electricity from the grid.

Should I install batteries now?

Home battery storage has come a long way in recent years and is starting to become commonplace in homes around the Sunshine Coast.  Battery technology has proven itself on the international market with well-known brands such as Tesla and LG Chem giving customers the confidence they need. The price of battery storage still remains high compared to the cost of solar panels and inverters, so deciding if you should install batteries for your home will take some careful consideration.

Things to consider

There are a lot of things to consider in choosing the right battery system:

  • How much do they cost?
  • How much available solar energy do you have to charge the batteries?
  • How long will the batteries last?
  • How much money will you save?
  • Are they good for the environment?

To find the right system for your needs there is some careful design work that needs to be done. Home and Energy will happily provide you with a free home assessment and battery system design to ensure you find the right product.

We recommend going battery ready

Battery ready systems are solar power systems that are designed and installed with the idea of adding batteries at a later date.  The costs of solar panels and inverters have never been better, it is a good idea to make the most of the available Government subsidies on solar panels and start saving straight away.

As the uptake of home battery systems increase their cost will reduce and the cost of electricity will continue to rise. At some point in the coming years, battery systems will make perfect financial sense but for now, a well-designed battery ready system is how you will make the greatest savings.


We're not tied to any manufacturer which means we can recommend the best solar panels and inverters for every customer.
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