How to Choose the Right System Size

Everyone’s home or business is different and we all use electricity in different ways. Our job is to help you find a solar power system that will save you the most money and tailor a system to suit your individual needs.

Choosing the Right Size System

These are the three key points to consider when choosing a system size.

1How much electricity do you use in the day time?

Consider the amount of electricity you use while the sun is shining, usually from around 8.30am to 3.30pm depending on panel placement, the weather, your location and the season.

Any electrical appliances that you can run during the daytime can be effectively eliminated from your power bill. For example, this usually includes washing machines, dishwashers, swimming pool filters, air-conditioners, fridge and freezers.

2Do you want a battery or would you like to be battery-ready?

Battery storage allows you to use your solar power energy 24 hours a day.

You can buy a battery system immediately or set your solar power up so it’s battery-ready for the future.

To be battery-ready you’ll need a battery-ready inverter and enough solar panels for your 24-hour electricity usage.

Battery systems require more panels to ensure there’s enough electricity to both charge the batteries for the night-time and cover your day time usage. Our energy consultants can assist you with the correct sizing requirements for your home.

3What’s your roof size?

You’ll need to know how many panels you can fit on your roof.

We can use mapping websites such as Google Earth to measure your roof and give you an estimate but for a fixed quote we recommend you take advantage of a free home visit.

That way we can accurately measure your roof area as well as:

  • Check roof fixings;
  • Check cable runs;
  • Consider inverter location;
  • Conduct accurate shading assessments.

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