Solar Power Systems

Not all solar power systems are alike. There are several key variables which affect how much power they create, how long they last and what return on your investment they’ll provide.

Home and Energy Solar Systems


One of our accredited engineers will visit you home before designing your system. The final design will take into account specific elements such as:

  • YOUR ELECTRICITY USAGE  Also known as the load on your system, this considers size of property and appliances that will be connected such as hot water tank, lights, washing machines, dishwashers, television, computers, etc;


  • ACCESS TO LOCAL DATA  For accurate predictions on solar energy potential;

  • AESTHETICS  So the panels blend in and your property looks appealing.

  • Future planning – For example if you’d like to consider adding a battery at a later date when the prices come down.

Once these are known, the designer will consider which components you need in your power system and how to combine them for maximum output.

For grid-connected solar without batteries, the components will include:

  • SOLAR PANELS These will generally be fitted onto your roof where they will convert sunlight into DC electricity.

  • INVERTER – This converts the DC from your panels or into an AC current which can you be used in your home or business or fed back into grid line.

For off-grid and/or battery systems you’ll also need:

  • ADDITIONAL ENERGY SOURCES – Such as a diesel generator or another renewable energy source like a wind turbine.

  • BATTERY STORAGE – So you can use solar power at night as well as during sunlight hours.

  • SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER – To regulate the voltage and current from the panels into the battery to prevent it from overcharging and prolong battery life.

The designer will choose components and system size that meet your energy needs. This ensures you generate enough energy but don’t overspend on a more powerful system than required. The engineer bases the design on careful calculations and an in-depth understanding of the output of different components.

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