Our Inverters

The inverter is the brains of the solar power system. It converts the DC electricity generated from the PV panels on the roof and converts it into usable AC household electricity. To get longevity from your solar system you need to invest in a quality inverter.

Home and Energy stand behind our inverter selection of four products:

1Fronius (Austria)

Fronius is our premium string inverter offering due to robust engineering, quality components, strong technical support and a proven warranty.

The Fronius Warranty is 5 years full warranty with an extra 5 years Parts only warranty.

2SolarEdge (Israel)

Solaredge have become a real disruptor to the inverter industry with a huge footprint in the US market. They are now creating a real presence in Australia. SolarEdge uses a technology called MLPE or Module Level Power Electronics, whereby they have an inverter in addition to a small unit that sits under each panel called a DC optimiser.

This enables the panel to operate independently of the other panels in the string. See the Solaredge video explaining this new technology. The Solaredge inverter warranty is 12 years and an incredible 25 years on the DC optimisers.

3SMA (Germany)

SMASMA have been leading the industry in terms of volume and quality for a number of years. Along with Fronius, SMA have been the reliable go-to provider for premium inverters, with solutions for almost all PV situations.

SMA panels have a 5 Year Warranty.


SungrowSungrow is our entry level inverter option to open the market to a larger renewable audience. Sungrow was founded back in 1997 and is the leading Chinese inverter manufacturer. Australians have fallen in love with the 5kW residential offering due to its competitive pricing, and strong record for reliability.

With an Australian office based in Sydney, Sungrow is a perfect value for money alternative inverter. Sungrow offer a 5 year Product Warranty.