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How to Choose Your Inverter

An inverter should be an excellent investment with a well-designed system providing an ROI of over 20%.

What inverters do

Inverters work to maximise the output of your solar panels.

The inverter is the brain of your solar power system connecting the solar power from your panels to the electricity in your house.

Micro InverterMicroinverters and Optimisers

Microinverters are a great solution if you have multiple roofs or shady areas because each solar panel can have its own micro inverter. This allows each panel to work independently providing the maximum total power output.

Battery-ready inverters

Battery Ready Inverter

With household battery systems constantly becoming more popular and better value, you might want to consider a battery-ready inverter which can be connected to batteries at a later date. The batteries then save power which is collected by the solar panels during the daytime so you can also use your solar energy at night.

Choosing an inverter

After choosing the right installation team, the decision on which inverter to select is the most important one. Our premium offerings are Fronius (from Austria), SMA (from Germany) and SolarEdge (from Israel) as they’re tried and tested in the industry. We also have an entry level solution called Sungrow that offers excellent value for money.

Don’t take our word for it. Read the 2018 Best Inverter list on the Clean Energy Review website.

If the product you’re being quoted isn’t on this list I’d consider looking elsewhere for a company that can supply one from the list.

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When choosing an inverter these are the four questions you need to ask:

1Does the manufacturer have a strong international reputation?

As with the panels, we recommend you research independent websites Solarchoice and Solarquotes to gain information on the brand of inverter you’re considering buying.

Look for a reputable global brand which has a good online presence and offices worldwide. In particular, they should have a presence in Australia.

2How long is the warranty?

All our stocked inverters come with at least a 5 to 12-year manufacturer replacement warranty. So in the unlikely event that your inverter needs replacing while it’s still under warranty, a new inverter will be delivered and installed with little or no cost to you.

3What size is the inverter?

When sizing your inverter your system designer should look at what system you need for your current situation and plan for the future.

Contact us for a site assessment. We’ll take time to understand your energy profile and customize a solar solution to suit your situation.

4Does it monitor your solar output online?

Online monitoring is a convenient way to check your system is performing from your phone or computer. Good inverter portals will even send you and your installer a message if something is wrong. Find out if your chosen inverter brand can connect to the web for remote monitoring.

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