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Choosing a Reliable Installer

Don’t feel pressured to sign up on the day of the quote or over the phone when you order a reliable installer.

As with all purchases, it’s a good idea to do your research and shop around to see what is available. homeandenergy recommends considering the following points before making your decision.


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  • Conduct your own research into the benefits of having a solar power system installed. A great place to start would be the Clean Energy Council’s guide to having solar installed.

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    Compare apples with apples

  • Contact several CEC accredited designers/installers to arrange quote. The price of a system can vary as much as $2000 by just using different brands of panels and inverters. It is a good idea to compare quotes on a like for like basis.  You need to ensure a company is not over charging but you also need to know the quality of components you are being quoted on are equal.

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    Who will be installing your system?

  • There is no point in taking your time to make sure you have chosen good quality components with great warranties if they are not installed correctly. One of the biggest issues in the solar industry is poor installation work; this can arise from third party installations teams and a lack of quality control.

    A large number of interstate companies will contract work out to installers in your area. This means it comes down to pot luck who installs your system. You might be lucky and have a good team turn up or you could end up with an inexperienced team who are more interested in heading home than ensuring your system is installed to the highest standard.

    Well established local companies base their business on customer satisfaction so it is in their interest to make sure their local customers are happy.

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    Have they even seen your property?

  • A good solar installation company should be able to help you choose the right size system for your needs. The solar consult should be taking a close look at not only how much energy you use but at what times of day you use it. Only by understanding your energy consumption can accurate advice be given on what size system will suit your needs. By using Near Maps or Google a sales person can get an idea of your roof layout but it is only by visiting your house and getting up on the roof can anyone truly have a clear idea of the best solution for your needs.

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    Who services your warranties?

  • This is a crucial question you need to ask your installation company. Ask who will cover the cost of shipping an inverter or panel back to the manufacturer to fit a replacement. If the company can’t answer this and it isn’t in their terms and conditions, walk away. Some dodgy solar installers make you have a yearly check up and if you miss this just once, it voids your installation warranty and they forgo any responsibility. Don’t sign with companies like this it’s unethical and most likely against the law.

Workmanship that speaks for itself

With over a thousand happy local customers we can provide customer references in your area. Don’t just take our word for it call one of your neighbours give yourself peace of mind.

Workmanship that speaks for itself


We're not tied to any manufacturer which means we can recommend the best solar panels and inverters for every customer.
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