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Choosing Your Inverter

Maximise your output

The inverter is the brain of your solar power system, it’s job is to connect the solar power from your panels to the electricity in your house. By choosing a quality inverter, you can ensure that you will get the most out of your panels, whatever the weather.

Maximise your output
Micro inverters

Micro inverters are a great solution if you have multiple roofs or shady areas. Each solar panel will have its own micro inverter. This means each panel is working independently ensuring maximum power output.

Micro inverters
Battery ready inverters

With household battery systems becoming more popular by the day you might want to consider a battery ready inverter. These types of inverters can have batteries added to them at a later date. The batteries will allow you to use your solar power a night.

Battery ready inverters

Things to consider

When choosing your inverter, the cost is not an area you want to skimp on as this is the first thing to fail in a poor quality system. A few hundred dollars more to go for a good quality system will be worth it. We stock and install all the world’s leading brands that offer great warranties so you can rest assured that your system will be working for years to come.

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    Does the manufacturer have a strong international reputation?

  • A great place to start when comparing inverters is to look at the company behind the manufacturing. All of the top inverters come from internationally established companies. Google the brand of inverter you are thinking of buying and check that they have offices all over the world and especially within Australia. If your considered inverter does not have a decent  website or strong international presence there is a good chance they are being imported from China and re-branded. Nothing wrong with products being imported from China as such but you do want to know the company will look after you if you did have an issue.

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  • All our stocked inverters are come with at least 5 to 10 year manufacture’s replacement warranty If for any reason your inverter needed replacing a new inverter will be sent out and installed at no cost to you. This warranty is backed by all the reputable inverter manufactures

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  • When sizing your inverter your system designer should look at what system you need for yourcurrent situation and safe guarding you for the future. For example you might want to start with a small system and add more panels at a later date. In this case you could save some money by going for a larger sized inverter in the beginning.

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  • Online monitoring is a great way to check how your system is going from your phone or computer. The inverter portal can even send you and your installer a messages if something is wrong. Ask the question to see if your chosen inverter can connect to the web.


We're not tied to any manufacturer which means we can recommend the best solar panels and inverters for every customer.
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