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Right Sized Solar Power System

Choosing the right sized solar power system

Tailored to your needs

Everyone’s home is different and we all use electricity in different ways. Our job is to help you find a solar power system that will save you the most money. Consider the below points before choosing a system size.

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    How much electricity do you use in the day time?

  • Consider the amount of electricity you are using while the sun is shining. Any electrical appliances that can run┬áduring the day can be effectively eliminated from your power bill. For example clothes washers, dishwashers, swimming pools, air-conditioners and fridges can all┬árun during the daytime.

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    Are you going to be battery ready?

  • Battery storage is here which means you can use your solar power 24 hours a day. You can buy a battery system right from the start or get yourself battery ready. To be battery ready you will need a battery ready inverter and enough solar panels for your 24 hour electricity usage. Battery systems have more panels to ensure there is enough electricity to charge the batteries and cover your day time usage.

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    Roof size

  • You will need to determine how many panels you can fit on your roof. We can use mapping websites such as Nearmap or Google Earth to measure your roof but we always recommend a free home visit. By using mapping software alone it’s impossible to check roof fixings, cable runs, inverter location and conduct accurate shading assessments.


We're not tied to any manufacturer which means we can recommend the best solar panels and inverters for every customer.
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