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Solar Panels Sunshine Coast

Solar Panels

Find the best solar panel installation on the Sunshine Coast!

Looking for the best deals and high-quality installations? Our philosophy is not to push one or two brands and try to convince you that they’re the best. Instead, we keep up to date with the latest developments and prices from the world’s major manufacturers. This allows us to give you the information you need to make an educated decision that’s best for your home or business.

With such a wide range of solar panels available it’s important to make the right choice the first time around. They should last you at least 25 years, so it’s best not to rush into a purchase. The first thing we recommend you do is to look at the available Tier 1 panels, ensuring that the company making them has a strong international presence.

You want to avoid solar panels that have been imported and branded to sound like something impressive when they aren’t. Due diligence will ensure they last for decades and gives you confidence that the manufactures will still be in business if you need them.

The best solar panels come from companies that are vertically integrated. This means the manufacturer controls the whole production process, from the silicon cells to the last steps of the assembly line.

Although “Tier 1” might sound like it’s more expensive, this isn’t necessarily the case. Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers are more likely to have invested in research and development to improve their production and efficiency. Their manufacturing processes are highly automated, which allows them to produce a premium-quality product while driving down costs.

The manufacturers we recommend to our Noosa and Sunshine Coast clients all have a history of manufacture for at least 10 years and offer warranties of at least 25 years. That way, you know that when you’re working with us, all your equipment gets made by a company committed to longevity and sticking around in the marketplace – not just making a quick buck on the rising popularity of Solar energy.

Below, you’ll find links to detailed information on the best Tier 1 panels on the market. They are the most important part of any Solar Power system, so we recommend you follow the links and have a look at the company websites for yourself.

Once you do, we’d love to give you a free consultation and installation quote – no obligation at all – to help you find a balance between cost, performance, and ease of use.

High-quality brands that you can trust

Made by Hanwha Q Cells, Hanwha solar panels are designed to withstand extreme weather, provide maximum output and last for decades. Hanwha Q cells is the world’s largest producer of PV cells, boasting a massive 3.7GW of cell production per year – which may make them the largest and most established manufacturer of commercial solar panels in the world.

CSUN is a global high-tech company that provides high-performance solar modules for reliable, consistent green power generation. CSUN is always a safe choice – reliable, committed and prepared.

REC is the largest European brand of solar panels, with more than 15 million high-quality panels produced at the end of 2015. With integrated manufacturing from polysilicon to wafers, cells, panels and turnkey solar solutions, REC strives to help meet the world’s growing energy need.

No matter which brand of panel you have in mind, we can supply and install it for you quickly and efficiently. Our supply chain includes all the world’s leading brands, enabling us to give you all the information you need to choose the right solar panels and batteries for your Noosa or Sunshine Coast home or business.

Jinko Solar is a global leader in the solar industry. The Company distributes its solar products and sells its solutions and services to a diversified international utility, commercial and residential customer base in every major country.

Trina Solar is Australia’s most popular panel and a leading global provider of solar solutions. The company has installed over 11 GW worldwide and will definitely be around for a long time, ensuring you get whatever parts, services and auxiliary components you need.

If you have any brand of panel in mind we can supply and install it for you
Our supply chain includes all the world's leading brands enabling us to give you all the information so you find the best system on the market.


We're not tied to any manufacturer which means we can recommend the best solar panels and inverters for every customer.
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