With the rise of Solar Power on the Sunshine Coast, many business are recognising that this new technology can be useful in providing certainty regarding their energy costs. Electricity prices have been and will continue to rise.

Smart business operators recognise that with solar powering their business, they can use the power of the sun to power their bottom line.

Why Home and Energy?

Home and Energy install solar power and batteries for homes and business, helping more and more people discover the benefits of generating their own clean energy.

We’re not tied to any manufacturer, so can recommend the best solar panels and equipment for every customer. With an emphasis on quality design and engineering, an honest, no-pressure approach to sales and an excellent track record for customer service.

Established in 2011 we have installed solar panels for thousands of homes and businesses. Our design and install team not only has full CEC accreditation, but is made up of professionals with an Advanced Diploma in Renewable Energy and Technology and over 20 years electrical installation and engineering experience.

Most importantly, we consistently receive excellent customer feedback and are especially proud that over half of our new customers have been referred to us by previous customers.


We use only the highest quality products in all our installations, from the solar panels and inverters to the mounting equipment and isolators. This ensures that we deliver only robust energy systems that will perform at their rated capacity over the whole lifespan of the project.

Solar power is a long term investment, which is why choosing components that are built to perform in Australia’s harsh climate makes sense.

All our products carry industry standard warranties from the world leaders in the renewable energy industry and provide our customers with peace of mind that their investment will deliver in the long run.


Our highly qualified and fully accredited team of system designers and installers have and will continue to provide energy systems that prove themselves in the field and comply with all Australian and International standards.

Live online monitoring of your system ensures that it will be performing at its peak output now and into the future.

Although solar systems are virtually maintenance free, home and energy are able to provide you with a maintenance package that ensures everything is operating as it should and that any concerns can be identified before they become a problem.


Energy is a dynamic concept, at Home and Energy we always strive to keep pace in an ever changing energy environment. As new products or energy solutions become available or new policies and regulations are implemented we keep ourselves ahead of the pack. This ensures our customers always have the latest and most efficient energy solutions.


Most customers already have an idea of what they would like to achieve. Home and Energy takes a consultative approach to help our customers fully understand the potential of Solar PV and the benefits it can have on operational costs. A thorough analysis of your energy consumption and demand profile allows us to work with you to find the right size system which maximises your return on investment and puts you in charge of how you use energy.

Streamlined Process Management

Our experienced staff are able to streamline the solar installation process from the moment we provide you with a quote until the system is up and running. We are experts in handling the complicated connection applications and government incentive documentation.

We can also advise you how to maximise your returns from feed-in-tariffs that are still available in every State and Territory in Australia.

High Yield, Low Risk ROI

Solar energy provides a guaranteed year-on-year return for 25 years, a return that not many other investments can provide. Despite this high ROI, solar requires minimal maintenance and comes with long-term warranties, making it a low-risk investment that continues to grow with increasing electricity prices. An installation on your premises will reduce your energy usage, enabling your organisation to save money for the life of the system.

Hedging against Rising Energy Costs

With an investment in a solar system installation, you will be gaining protection against imminent and significant rising electricity costs. Electricity prices have already risen significantly and are expected to continue increasing at a similar rate over the next few years. Solar provides a free energy source for your company, which translates to consistently lower energy costs. Rising energy prices will increase your savings as the power you produce with your system is always free.

Reduce your impact, become more sustainable

Corporate social responsibility is an important concept for any business, take advantage of the green dollar and show your customers that you care as much as they do about the environment. Today’s consumers have many choices; help your business grow by providing a more sustainable product.