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Should I install solar now or wait until batteries become cheaper?

POSTED: 07/04/17 04:56 PM

Occasionally I come across a potential customer that tells me they are waiting until battery storage becomes cheaper so that when they install solar – they can do it “properly”, or “all in one go”.Today I’m going to have a l ...Read More

solar panel installation

Smart Solar

POSTED: 07/03/17 05:49 PM

We have a saying in the solar industry... "Smart solar isn't cheap - and cheap solar isn't smart" Here are a few tips to make sure that your solar system will perform as it should for at least the next 15 to 20 years.1. Good quality s ...Read More

Solar Power with Battery Storage

POSTED: 22/02/17 06:12 PM

Over the last few weeks solar power with battery storage has been in the media.I often asked if battery storage is competitive yet. Today I’m going to look at the costs and the savings offered by solar and battery storage to perhaps s ...Read More

sunshine coast solar power

Solar Systems on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland – Insider Tips

POSTED: 02/06/16 09:18 PM

Successful solar power. Important concepts and insider tips for owners of solar Sunshine Coast, Noosa and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.Whether you have solar, or are considering installing a solar system you want to make sure that you ...Read More

solar panels Sunshine Coast, benefits of installing solar

What Solar Panel System do I need – 3kW or 5kW?

POSTED: 17/05/16 04:26 PM

For potential owners of solar panels, Sunshine Coast residents can always rely on home and energy to provide real calculations - to show why solar power is such a good investment.This case study investigates the advantages of both a 3kW ...Read More

solar panels sunshine coast

Solar panels Sunshine Coast – Insider tips.

POSTED: 19/04/16 07:15 PM

Tilt frames - advantages. Installation tips for solar panels Sunshine Coast, Noosa and the Hinterland.Tilt frames for solar panels can be used on roofs where orientation and tilt are less than optimal.On flat roofs these can be a g ...Read More

solar panels Sunshine Coast, benefits of installing solar

Solar panels Sunshine Coast? Why now?

POSTED: 13/04/16 09:45 PM

You have a great advantage. For solar panels, Sunshine Coast residents have the advantage of lots of sun and lots of roof space.People install solar power for many reasons. The main reason is that it saves you money.The financial ...Read More

Solar Power Tewantin

Solar Tech Tip – Over-sizing solar systems

POSTED: 12/04/16 04:54 PM

Benefits of over-sizing solar systems Over-sizing of solar systems means that more solar panels are installed than the rated capacity of the inverter. An example would be installing 4kW (16) solar panels and connecting them to a 3kW invert ...Read More

Solar on the Sunshine Coast – REC solar panels and Enphase S230 micro inverters

POSTED: 07/04/16 01:15 PM

Looking for solar solutions on the Sunshine Coast? Not every household roof is perfect for solar, that’s why choosing a solar system that suits the application can provide a more robust and specific outcome, leading to reduced payback pe ...Read More

Commercial and Residential Solar Power on the Sunshine Coast

POSTED: 29/03/16 03:16 PM

LET THE POWER OF THE SUN POWER YOUR BOTTOM LINE. With the rise of Solar Power on the Sunshine Coast, many business are recognising that this new technology can be useful in providing certainty regarding their energy costs. Electricity pric ...Read More

Solar Rebates – Peregian Beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

POSTED: 02/03/16 02:32 PM

Solar rebates – Who – Why and How Much? The more people I talk to about solar power, the more I find that there seems to be some confusion regarding what is commonly known as the ‘Government Rebate for Solar’.Hopefully by readi ...Read More


SMA Battery Storage Inverter Compatible With Tesla Powerwall

POSTED: 25/02/16 06:25 PM

SMA, a German solar energy equipment manufacturer has long been the choice for solar power inverters. Their latest release is a new high-voltage battery inverter for private households with the new Sunny Boy Storage. The AC-coupled batter ...Read More

Case study – 4kW solar system – Peregian Springs

POSTED: 23/02/16 10:36 AM

Case study - a 4kW solar system with a 5kW inverter in Peregian Springs.Today I am going to discuss the benefits of installing a 4.24kW solar system using 16 CSun 265Watt Solar panels and a 5kW Zeversolar inverter.This system has be ...Read More

sunshine coast solar power

Over-sizing Solar systems

POSTED: 19/02/16 12:28 PM

Over-sizing of solar systems means that you install more solar panels than the rated output of the inverter. An example would be installing 6.5kW, or around 26 panels on your roof and installing a 5kW inverter.Technically this can be d ...Read More


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